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Create A Brand Boss Print - thebosspersona

Create A Brand Boss Print

$49.99 USD
🌸 How To Create A Brand Name that’s Impactful 
🌸 How To Structure A Business
🌸 How To be Unique In Detail 
🌸 How To Find your Brands Tone/Voice
🌸 How To Design A Logo That Makes A Statement 
🌸 How To Create a Brand story with 8 styles  
🌸 How To Create a PMV statement 
🌸 How To Create content in your sleep  
🌸 And so much more with 100 pages of Fill in the blank Worksheet we have done the hard work and thinking for you making this process easy and fun 
Facebook Ad Strategy Boss Print - thebosspersona

Facebook Ad Strategy Boss Print

$67.99 USD
🌸 The physiology behind Facebook ads
🌸 A Free alternative to Facebook Insights After iOS 14 update
🌸 How to Structure an ad campaign that will save you months of testing and money 
🌸 How to create ad creatives that will keep you ahead of competitors and give you a high ROI- return on investment
🌸 Facebook Ad Strategy #1 - Go from $20 to over 20k 
🌸 Facebook Ad Strategy #2 - what people get in 3- 12 months you will get in 1  
🌸 Facebook Ad strategy# 3 - Bonus what Others are gatekeeping 
🌸 2 major ways to scale your ads fast 
🌸 and much more what others give up on you will see coming and beat it before it starts 
Start A Business Boss Print - thebosspersona

Start A Business Boss Print

$49.99 USD
🌸 How To Find Business Ideas Within An Hour 
🌸 How to Research Your market Before Investing
🌸 Target Audience Research Questionnaire 
🌸 How to Find Your Competitors And Research Them
🌸 How To Conduct Product Research And Create An Angle 
🌸 How To Legally Structure Your business For The Most Profit  
🌸 How To Source Vendors and Negotiate Like A Pro 
🌸 Create A Business Plan  
🌸 And so much more with 100 pages of no fluff all knowledge and step by step walkthrough on how to setup your business for the most profit and impact