QUIT your 9-5 to work for yourself or should you?

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Is running a business really more difficult than working a 9-5?


If you're considering starting a business and aren't sure if the boss life is right for you, this post will help.

If you're considering starting a business and aren't sure if the boss life is right for you, this post will help.

If you're considering starting a business and aren't sure if the boss life is right for you, this post will help.

We’ll talk about how to know if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, as well as the pros and cons of starting your own company.

You may think that because entrepreneurship is more lucrative than working for someone else, it must also be more fun. But that's not necessarily true!

I'll explain why being your own boss can actually be harder than working an office job—and how to avoid burnout when running your own show.

Working for yourself can be emotionally challenging but rewarding.

Working for yourself can be emotionally challenging but rewarding.

In a nutshell, being your own boss means you are in charge of everything from hiring to firing and setting the tone for your day-to-day operations. It also means that if something goes wrong or doesn't go according to plan, no one will be there to tell you it's all going to be okay. You get used to looking out for yourself and having the freedom to do what needs doing right now rather than waiting on someone else’s approval or permission (or lack thereof).

But running a business isn't all sunshine and roses either—there are some challenges associated with working for yourself that don't come up when working at an established company:

Finding new clients is crucial since they're responsible for paying your bills each month; Hiring employees can be expensive when compared to hiring contractors. paying taxes as well as employee benefits like health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, etc.; A lack of direction and structure during times when there is little work available;

What does it take to run a business?

Running a business can be a rewarding experience, but it's not for the faint of heart. To thrive as an entrepreneur, you need to have the skills to handle all aspects of running a business. These include:

Communication: You'll have to communicate your vision clearly and effectively both internally and externally. Prioritization: You'll have to prioritize what's important so that everyone knows what they need to do at any given time while also keeping an eye on changing trends and staying up-to-date on new developments in the industry or market niche you're serving. Delegation: It's important not only for efficiency but also so that other people feel valued within the company structure; if they don't feel valued, then they won't be committed! The second goal here is making sure everyone understands their role in carrying out one's duties by giving clear instructions along with timelines/milestones/etc., which will help them know when things need further clarification or additional work is needed before being completed successfully (and thus meeting deadlines) without needing constant supervision from higher-ups like yourself regularly checking up on progress every few hours.

Which is more difficult: a 9-5 job or starting a business?

You need to be more disciplined, take more responsibility and be more accountable for your actions. You'll have to take more risks, be creative, and be proactive in how you run your business.

Outsourcing jobs to help scale your business

If you're overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done in your business, outsourcing jobs can help. Outsourcing is the act of contracting a third-party company or individual to perform a task for you that you would otherwise do yourself. Many entrepreneurs are wary about outsourcing because they feel it will take away from their role as CEO and take too much time for them to manage. But if done correctly, outsourcing jobs can actually improve your business efficiency and save you money in the long run.

If you're looking for ways to scale your business while still focusing on core operations, outsourcing these tasks may be right up your alley!


The decision to start your own business is a big one. It requires a lot of risk and hard work, but it can also be rewarding. If you're considering starting a business, make sure you know what it takes to run one. You'll need to make sacrifices and take risks, but if it's something you want, then go for it!