Facebook Ads 101: How To Find Your Target Audience, Run Your Ads & Become Successful With Them

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Facebook Ads are the hottest and biggest advertising platform existing these days. Business Insider affirms that "Facebook ads help you reach your target audience in a way that fits your brand, whether it's through videos, polls, slideshows, augmented reality games, or stories." Facebook also gives you access to advanced metrics, so you can track an ad's performance and adjust accordingly. "


Women who are starting a business or planning to do so will find this article very helpful. including detailed step-by-step guides and key information about ads and how to reach your target audience, as well as the best tools and resources to achieve success with Facebook Ads. 

How To Find Your Target Audience

If you're just starting with your business or have been trying to grow it for a while, you've surely come across the term "target audience," but what does it really mean? In simpler words, your target audience refers to the group of consumers your brand is directed at; in simpler words, your public, clients, or buyers. This means that, as a business, you should determine your target audience to create the best advertising campaign and grow your online presence.


Before we begin, a simple yet very important distinction must be made between the terms "target audience" and "target market": the first one refers to your target audience, the individuals who consume your product or service that will be presented to them through an advertising campaign, whereas the second one is about the set of consumers your business will sell its products or services to with the help of marketing activities.


One is directed at the people using ads, and the other is the market or field in general that can also be reached with advertising campaigns or other marketing activities (think of it like this: the target market is a coffee shop, and the target audience is the coffee itself, big category or small subcategory).


Now, the question "how to choose your target market" can be easily answered in the following step-by-step guide.


  1. Take a look at your current audience. To find your perfect target audience, you have to start somewhere, and the best way to do that is to analyze your already-made clients or people who purchased your product/service. Take notes on their age, gender, interests, the place where they live, etc. Any data you can get ahold of will help you determine the group of people that consume your brand and create a specific ad campaign.


  1. Be cognizant of competitors. Paying attention to competitor businesses can be of great help when you are beginning, not to steal their ideas but to see how they are approaching their audience (which is similar to yours), what channels they are using, and other useful information that you can apply to your brand in the same field.


  1. Determine who is NOT your target audience. Sometimes, determining who you do not want to sell to is easier and will help you get to your target audience faster. Once you narrow down the list of characteristics your target audience has, you can quickly spot those that you do want your business to serve.

Run Your Ads Like A Pro.

To run your ads like a pro, you need to know how to find your target audience online, which has been explained in the point above. Once you are on track with that, it is time to start designing an award-winning sales-booster every-compound-inspiring-word Facebook advertising campaign.


  1. To begin, you must create an account with Facebook Ads Manager, in which you’ll be able to manage all of your ads and analyze your target audience’s analytics. 


  1. Then you’ll have to go to the "Create" section on your empty dashboard (if you’ve already created an ad for your business, the dash will not be empty, of course) and select the option to create a new campaign.


  1. After doing this, select your objective (what do you expect this campaign to provide for your business?). There are 11 objectives that Ads Manager offers to businesses that help owners drive traffic to specific things. Those are the following:


  • Store traffic
  • Messages
  • Reach
  • Website traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • App installs
  • Conversions
  • Lead generation
  • Catalog sales
  • Video views
  • Engagement


  1. Choose your target audience. Facebook Ads provide a lifesaving tool that allows you to load audience properties that will later reach your target public profile. Location, age, gender, language, interests, and connection information can be entered to allow Ads Manager to do the rest of the work and deliver your ads to the right people.


  1. Once you’ve created your ad and selected your target audience, it is time to set a budget and duration. Facebook Ads work with a daily or lifetime budget option, which is great for those who are just starting or can’t set aside loads of money for advertising campaigns.


In simple terms, a daily budget means that Facebook will run your ad/ads continuously through the day and charge you per day. On the other hand, a lifetime budget allows owners to determine the length of time they want their ad to be shown (you also determine your daily budget for this but select a specific period you want to showcase it for, about a week, month, etc).


How to Make Money with Facebook Ads

According to Forbes, "Facebook reported over 2.5 billion monthly active users in December 2019 — that's nearly one-third of the entire world's population". Can you imagine one-third of the planet knowing your brand through Facebook ads? I know this might sound overwhelming, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can achieve outstanding results for your business.


If you’re just starting and want to have a detailed step-by-step guide and information especially written and directed at small businesses run by empowered women, the perfect book is at the tip of your fingers. The Facebook Ads Strategy Boss Print by The Boss Persona features key strategies and tips to help you escalate your business and get answers to your burning questions about ads, audiences, and how to achieve success with advertising campaigns.